Unfortunate Portrait 

I really enjoy Unfortunate Portrait because I have never seen a clothing line that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I like the clothing lines message just to have fun and laugh at the funny and clever designs on the shirts. I am a big fan of Unfortunate Portrait and I can’t wait to see some new clothing! 

How did Unfortunate Portrait start? 

I’ve been drawing things that interest me since I was a little kid, but I began drawing more often as a creative outlet from the intensity and rigidity of law school. It was clear that I was never going to be “good” artist by any technical standard, but my friends were into my drawings and I liked making them. When I started sharing my drawings on Instagram more and more people seemed to really dig them, which made me want to keep going. I started making shirts as a way for me to fund what I loved doing, and also people could experience and share Unfortunate Portrait beyond their phones and computers.

What is the inspiration behind the shirts?

I want make shirts that are accessible to anyone with a sense of humor. I also think it’s cool when your shirt can make complete strangers smile or want to start a conversation with you. 

Who would you like to see wearing Unfortunate Portrait?


What is the creative process like before a shirt is made?

First I come up with a drawing that inspires me and that will connect with people. Then I work with a fashion director and an art director for most of the shirts. My art director has an incredible eye and really helps turn my drawings into actual clothing designs. I give him a bunch of my drawings, and he finds elements in them that could look cool on a shirt. For example, our White Cat and Black Cat is originally the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch is holding in one of my first Instagram posts. My fashion director helps with the sizing and placement of the artwork, and with selecting the garments we use. We also offer my original drawings for custom orders, and sometimes as limited editions when there is a big demand from our followers.

What do you think makes Unfortunate Portrait unique compared to other clothing lines? 

I think it’s different because one of the main motivations behind Unfortunate Portrait is making clothing and art that is accessible to as many people and subcultures as possible. My drawings merge all facets of popular culture - music, sports, politics, and celebrity all come together in ways that connect people who don’t necessarily share the same interests or style. We also don’t take what we’re doing too seriously and are just having fun. I guess it’s also different because I’m coming at it as a complete outsider having no training or experience in fashion or as an artist.

Where would you like to see Unfortunate Portrait in the near future? 

Right now I’m focused on making new stuff for the summer that people love! I’m really excited because we are trying some looks that will go beyond t-shirts and sweatshirts. I want the new pieces to continue to make people smile and create a dialogue in style. 

Jennifer Buhl

She Knows Fame

I came across Jennifer when I was looking for a new book to read. I saw her memoir which is titled Shooting Stars and I became so interested with the life she lived with being a paparazzo. I loved the book because it gives you an inside look on celebrities and paparazzi. 

Do you think celebrities were nicer to you since you were one of the few female paparazzi in a world that is dominated by men?

Definitely not. “Paps” (that’s what we call ourselves) photograph female celebrities  90% of the time, and females tended out their anger out on other females. So, if anything, I may have been treated nastier by the celebs. That said, the times when I did photograph guys I probably gained a bit by being a woman. I love the stories in the book about my encounters with the Zac Efron, David Beckham, and Adrain Grenier. Special and sometimes flirty moments. Great days usualy.

Has any celebrity try to threaten you since they were annoyed?

Seal said he was going to bitchslap me once, which I thought was out of line. That story’s in the book. But that was about the worst really. Mostly it’s the people on the street, valet guys, celebrities’s entourages, ect. Who treat you nasty. The celebs themselves usually understand the game ( and they are sometimes in on it). Plus if they are smart, they don’t want to get caught ranting on video. 

Stereotype of paparazzi is “scum” have you done anything for a shot that could fit that stereotype?

Surely within the circle of other paparazzi I have not always acted like a lady! However on the job itself, interacting with celebrities, I think I always followed my ethical standard. Some people will say that by “not leaving when asked to leave,” that’s scum behavior, but as any journalist knows, that’s not doing the job.

Did you ever feel for a celebrity when they were getting attack by paparazzi or they didn’t  want it, when they are with their children, ect.? 

Sure. Especially when they were ‘big news’ for some reason or other, and day after day we’d be at their houses (“doorstep”) waiting for them to leave. You could see it in their faces- when will this end? It always would though. And quickly, within days even, if the celeb took basic precautions (several of which are outlined in Shooting Stars by the way). Even stars as big as Jennifer Aniston must work to stay hot. If a celeb doesn’t do certain things to “entertain” the media (again, consult list of “how to get famous/less famous” in Shooting Stars) than they stop selling and are therefore- for good or bad- not bothered by the paparazzi. Once I shot a great set of Aniston strolling down the beach in short shorts and made about $200. No joke. 

Today celebrities are hating on the paparazzi even though it’s  keeping them relevant do you think it’s fair?

First, to be clear, many celebs don’t hate paparazzi. Many have contracts with us and get paid a percentage of their photos, have our phone numbers and work with us for promotion. That said, it is true that lots do hate paps, and those celebs are often vocal about it. But the problem of course is that in the current media system, as it set up, they need us and they know it. But they wish they didn’t. They wish they could control everything. May celebs that don’t like getting photographed are still decently polite and respectful toward us realizing its the game we are all in together. Of course many, too, are haughty and entitled, which I find quite unattractive. 

Do you have any regrets?

Oh I have plenty of regrets, mostly they involve loosing my temper way too much. When you have lots of negativity surrounding you day after fay, it’s hard to not to loose it at times. After a while in the business, I started to see the glass as half empty and to think everyone was out to get me until proven otherwise. I didn’t start out with that perspective, but I changed. As the book progresses, my personal outlook on life morphs, for the worse probably. Now, 5 years later, i’d say that i’m not as sour as I became and once was, though i’ve held onto some of it still. I’m much more savvy about the world and people, and right or wrong, i’m more skeptical and cynical.

What is something you learned from this job?

I learned a ton. I’m more street-smart. I’d make a gray CIA operative. Seriously. I’m very technical and strong photographer, and hopefully people would say an excellent one. Mostly I learned about people though. Watching us move through life is fascinating. I mean really, how many people know how others are going to exit their car or a store. And which way will they will walk when they do. Who can tell me what a new couple will do (kiss, at some point) or what someone does just after they check into a hotel (go out). You do these things by instinct, for yourself, but they are not what you notice in others. OK I realize I can’t do much with that knowledge now- unless the CIA hires me- but still, fascinating! 


I came across DeerDana when I saw a few celebrities wearing their shirts. Such as Justin Beiber in the Lil Wanye shirt and also Katy Perry in the Kayne West shirt. Ever since than I became obsessed! I don’t think there is a lot of creative brands like DeerDana out there so this is what makes me enjoy the brand even more! One of my favorite things is to check out the new collections DeerDana has and see what  they chose to draw. I cant wait to see what DeerDana is going to come up with! 

How did DeerDana come about?

I started making shirts for friends while I was in college studying photography. I took a screen-printing class and made drawings of my photos, which I then printed on shirts. The very first shirts I printed were of my friend Jackson as a surprise for his birthday party. The first shirts I sold were to Patricia Fields featuring Lil Kim (“Free Lil Kim”) when she was in jail. Shortly after selling at Pat Fields, I started selling them online after our friend Agyness Deyn wore one for a shoot with TIME Magazine. Deer Dana became a proper company in 2010 with the help of my dear friend and business partner Kevin Tekinel.

What is the inspiration behind the T-shirts?

We draw people who we want to have dinner with. We like to draw a diverse range of people, which is why you’ll see musicians, artist, athletes, filmmakers and our friend’s… people we admire! We encourage suggestions, so friends and customers can influence our next designs.

How does it feel seeing people like celebrities wearing your clothing?

It’s always been shocking and exciting to see celebrities in the shirts. We’re lucky they’ve all been people we adore and respect; it’s such an honor to see them in our wears! Justin Bieber was one of the first big celebrities to wear one of our tees (Lil Wayne shirt in 2010). As firm Beliebers, this was a very special moment for us. #extremelyblessed

What was the most successful shirt you guys sold?

To date, we’d have to say that our Jean-Michel Basquiat and Sade designers have been the most popular. As for this season, our new Larry David tee has been quite the hit.

Who would be a dream collaboration?

Chrissy Teigen and Riccardo Tisci!

What can we see in the near future for DeerDana?

We’re currently working on expanding our product line to include objects such as beach towels, mugs and prints.


Superrradical is one of the coolest brands I have seen in a while. From the straight off the street look mixed with their “I don’t give a fuck ” attitude makes this brand defiantly stand out from others. Drugs have a huge influence on their line, which is not really seen now a day especially dealing with clothing. I am obsessed with Superrradical and the chill vibe that comes off of it. I can’t wait to see Superrradical pop off with street wear world!

What is the meaning behind Supperrradical?

Superadical is a name given to me by my homie Drue. I was literally dying because I could not thin, of a name that would represent some 90s inspired, dirty, grimey street wear clothing brand. He suggests that it stuck ever since. I added 3 R’s to make it easy to find and sit.

How would describe the style of Superrradical?

The style reflects the lifestyle I live and the lifestyle I study. It’s largely by music such as Chief Keef, Dipset, and a little bit of little Hardcore. Anther big influence obviously  for  the big is drugs. That might sound stupid but that’s just how it is. Raw in your face. I want to clothes to feel a little retro and to feel like they came from the streets.” For the streets, By the streets”.

What/Who is your inspiration for this line?

Like I said, for inspiration I look to people like Chief Keef an the whole GBE Movement. I want Superadicall to be what GBE is, but for clothing. Bang, Bang.

Who would be some celebrities that you would like to see wearing your clothing?

It’d be so tight see Gucci Maine or Lil’ Bossie in Superrradical.

What is your “Youth Gone Wild” about?

"Youth Gone Wild" was meant to reflect today’s "youth" culture breaking free from what society wants them to be a doing whatever the fuck that want to do.

What makes you different form others?

I’ve been making clothes for 4 years now. I study street wear as a lame as that right sound. I feel like there’s only about than less than 10 street wear brand actually doing  it right and I’m one of the. I think Superadical stands out of for its portrayal of drug and all the haha.

Have you thought about expanding your line with having accessories, shoes etc.?

Yes! I’m working in hats, pants, and random accessories like Supreme (my favorite brand of all random feel). I’m expanding and maturing a lot  this year, just watch the progress!

Nicce Clothing

Simple, clean and creative those are the three things I adore about Nicce Clothing!  I enjoy how the clothing is nothing flashy and how it sticked to natural colors which makes it easier for shopper to wear since simple matches with everything.  I actually recently came across Nicce Clothing and I was obsessed when I say the products such as the t-shirts, hats, jackets and my favorite which is the sweatshirts and hoodies.  I encourage everyone to go out and buy some “Nicce Clothing” from Nicce you wont regret it! 

What is Nicce Clothing?

Nicce is a unisex street wear brand based in the heart of East London, it was created early in 2013. By a trio in the aim to start a brand that has clean and simple designs. Focusing on simplicity for print and a timeless colour palette, Nicce has quickly established itself as an independent unisex brand designing the latest street wear and apparel for the street fashion conscious boy and girl.

What is the inspiration behind the clothing?

The brand was started to create clean and simple prints with the time to expand our range following these same parameters. Bored of loud prints, we were inspired by Bauhaus using clean text, simple text based designs. We all have a graphic design background so draw our time spent appreciating clean communicative artwork in which we wanted to have this within our brand.

What is the thought behind the collections?

Simplicity is a big part of our approach, Using text to create clean and clear designs for our prints. Drawing inspiration of fonts and style from our surroundings. We originally kept the colours to a minimum, as black and white are timeless. The a/w carried on from our starting pieces. We took a sporting varsity approach to creating prints using college type faces adding design to the back and sleeve like a sports jersey. This time we added grey and a special addition maroon to our colour palette, where these new designs were added to both hoods, sweats and long sleeve tees.

How does it feel seeing people wearing Nicce?

A sense of achievement is the first thought, Rewarding to witness people wearing in person but we appreciate being able to look on social media at the growing number of tagged photos we get notified of. It’s been great to have some presenters, djs and models in our grams.

If any celebrity would wear your clothes who would you like it to be?

Cara Delevingne, enough said.

What can we see in the near future for Nicce?

Expanding is key for us. For the growth of the brand with each season adding new products to our collection. We hope to have a great range of outerwear and accessories to follow soon. 

Mr. Ivory Snow

Mr. Ivory Snow is an up and coming rapper whose songs really have true meaning and stories behind them. Snow didn’t come from a rough background but that doesn’t mean he didn’t struggle. He shows that hip-hop rappers don’t need all of that to be a success. I can’t wait for Snow’s talents to be heard all over!

What makes you so different than other rappers in the game?

What makes me different is, I am multi talented, not only do I rap but I also song write, I am a producer and I also mix and master my own records. My story comes from a place that isn’t most popular in hip-hop, which is the suburban area of Connecticut. I think that these “hood” stories are overrated and we (Hip Hop) need a new perspective because not everyone black and of hip-hop lives in those areas and come from those same adversities. Life is more meaningful than a rapper selling drugs and going to jail in my opinion.

What made you want to take the path into rap world?

Music has been instilled in me since I was in the womb. My mother used to have headphones playing on her stomach while she was pregnant with me. My Father would have jazz and classical albums playing while I was sleeping in the crib. But the pivotal moment was when my fifth grade teacher gave me a notebook and taught me how to write poetry and from there it was history.  

What is the meaning behind the name “Mr. Ivory Snow”?

My birth name is actually “Ivory” so I thought it would be clever to add the snow seeing it was a detergent and it was a popular name.  Then I added the Mr. for Google reasons because it separates my music from the companies’ product so when people search for Mr. it’s easy to find my music.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Rick Rubin, Kanye, Prince, Jay, Busta, Q-Tip, Bruce Springsteen, 2 Chains, Pharrell, Rick Ross, STING, U2 and Rapsody. 

Do you write your raps without a beat first? Or do you write off of hearing the beat?

I make the beat first and then write the rhymes.

What do you tend to write about the most?

My adversities coming up and in current life.

What is the inspiration behind your latest single “Getting To It”?

I was visiting a friend who worked in the mall here in Stamford and I came across someone who has had a disliking for me since middle school. Mind you dude just came out of prison and the first thing he says to me is “I don’t F**k with you” and told the girl I was visiting not to give me a hug. So he had heard in the interview that I said “F” my hometown which doesn’t make sense because I would never say anything crazy like that. But all in all in my head I was like “instead of hating me you should be working with me and not against me” hence why I said “instead of getting mad you should get influenced (that phrase has been trademarked by the way).”

What is next to come for Mr. Ivory Snow?

Re- release of #RUGGED, tour and Drug Dealer Lexus/ Getting to it video.

ROCK Jewelry 

DOPE! Is the first word that come to me when I think of ROCK Jewelry. The flashy and bold jewelry really is an ideal item to have especially with the holidays coming around the corner. I came across ROCK when I was trying to find a chain since I have always wanted one; it jewelry caught my eye! This handmade jewelry that comes from Brooklyn has everything from  all gold and silver chains, anklets and also bracelets. Seeing all this amazing jewelry left me with so much excitement. Everyone needs to go out and get a piece from ROCK Jewelry so you will be fresh to death!  

Give us a little background how did you get into art, design?

Well, ROCK Jewelry is owned and designed by two friends. One is a Fashion Stylist and the other is a Music Artist, so naturally are interested in art and design. It just so happens that we can make jewelry too.

What lead you to beginning to work with jewelry?

Being a Fashion Stylist and a Music artist interested in Fashion, we know the importance of accessories. Jewelry can give personality to a look that would otherwise be “boring”. We felt like we could help people to look their best with our ROCK Jewelry designs

What is the meaning behind ROCK?

ROCK is a representation of stability and strength. These qualities are incorporated into every aspect of our business.  

Who do you envision wearing your jewelry? Do you think about this while working on designs?

We definitely envision everyone from children to adults wearing our jewelry. The customer is always in our thoughts during the designs process, but we also go with designs that naturally come to us. Some of our best work comes naturally without necessarily thinking about what the customer would want.

Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

Our inspiration comes from LIFE. It can literally come from any and everything we see our experience. Our first collection was called “GOLD Canyon” and was inspired by the Grand Canyon and its layers. The jewelry in the collection portrays layers and layers of Gold ROCK (Can be seen on

Any new collections coming soon?

Our next Collection will be available in early 2014. It features all Black, Gold, Silver, and Clear pieces inspired by LAVA.

What’s next to come ROCK?       

We’re looking to expand further into the world of jewelry and to build our brand internationally, step by step.

Rainy Milo

This British recording artist who is on the raise to fame with only being seventeen years old has a lot of success a head of her! With her different style of music and her unique voice gets people talking. With the release of her debut mixtape “Limey” which seems like it was inspired by more of a Hip-Hip and jazz feel to it. This made me even more obsessed with Rainy and her talents. She is living a life that most teenage kids dream about! Being able to travel the world and perform her own songs and sharing them with her fans. I can’t wait to hear her new music with her album, which is dropping this March! Also if you are in the UK area make sure to check her out and buy tickets since she is going on tour with J. Cole! 

When did you start your involvement in music?

At around 14 years old I took an interest in writing songs rather than diary entries, I saw writing songs as my means of getting all of my feelings and frustrations out.

Would you call yourself a songwriter?

Definitely, I was always really into poetry and I can still remember how excited and cool I though it was to blend poems with music to create songs.

Since you are a fashion lover who are some up and coming brands/designers do you like?

Sergei Grinko I’m pretty sure he’s been around for a while but I recently discovered him randomly online. I love his S/S 2014 collection it’s very fresh and uses a lot of white and baby blue, which is one of my favourite colours.

Who are your musical inspirations?

N.E.R.D always comes to mind straight away because it was through their music I first heard obviously different genres of music being blended together in the same songs and I though that was such a special and really inspired thing to do, and seeing as I was brought up around so many genres of music I try to draw inspiration from all different styles of music I like and bring them together in my music. 

If you could dabble in another genre of music what would it be?

Being a rock star for the day would be fun, my music is pretty chill so it would be interesting to make something with really heavy drums and guitars for the day.

Are you open to the idea of collaborating with other singers? If so who?

Not so much just, because the lyrics I write are so personal to me I enjoy being on my tracks by myself and telling my own story, I think its much more fun working with musicians creating music to match the stories my songs are telling.

Have you changed as a person when you started making music to know?

I think I’m very much the same even though I’m around slightly more people than I used to be and meet new people often I still enjoy my alone times at much as I used, I’ve always been quite good at enjoying being myself.

What do you do on your free time?

I enjoy cooking at home and going to orange Wednesdays at the cinema with friends.

What are you listening to lately?

The Neighbourhoods new album; I Love You, I recently found out about this band and I really like them.

Out of all your songs which one is your favorite to perform?

My newest addition to my set Rats is now my favourite just because its fun performing something that fresh but bout you and this thing of ours always seem to get good reactions and I enjoy seeing the audiences dance a little more than they already had been when I play those songs.

What’s next to come for Rainy?

Ill be supporting J.Cole on tour in the UK next month and my debut album is out March next year…EXCITING!!

Photos: TK Anderson

Danielle Parets


       Danielle Parets is an up and coming stylist with an amazing taste of style.  With being so young in the industry her work is very fresh and has a cool vibe to it.  Her work has a variety of being really sexy to ordinary girl wear.  I really enjoy stylist because I like to see how they but their twist with their style into their work and I think Danielle does that very well! If this is your first time hearing of Danielle Parets don’t worry you will be seeing much more of her in the future because her styling skills are to good to not be heard of!

When did you first begin styling and what led you to this career choice?

 I began my career when I was 15 years old at Wilhelmina Miami interning and later assisting the women’s board. After about three years the director saw potential I had as a stylist and pushed me to give it a shot… So I did, fell in love with it, and started my company “DNAbydani”.

What would you say is your favorite part about working in the fashion industry?

The best part about working in the fashion industry is being able to do something I genuinely love. Even when I’m not onsite and shooting, studying WWD, Vogue, Instyle and online bogs for new collections and story ideas to add to my vision board is exciting and fun itself. I couldn’t see myself working in any other industry.

What was your first styling job?

My first styling job was a test shoot for one of the Wilhelmina Miami models. The director requested I help create a shoot to refresh her book, in order to attract attention from potential clients. I came up with a fashion story, and it worked. Since then I’ve styled few look books, print and online publications, including to name a few, Venue, Miami Magazine and Vougue.IT

If you could choose any client to style who would it be?

Kate Moss is THE fashion icon for me. She’s a mix of bohemian/rock-n-roll meets glam. She protrudes confidence in anything she wears and that’s the type of women I respect and admire. If she digs my style… I believe I am set for life in this industry!

What is your favorite trend right now?

To be honest, I’m not really into trends. I believe in timeless pieces and personal style that sets you apart from everyone else. I think your style should reflect your mood and personality, which ultimately creates a trend.

What is your all time favorite place to shop?

Because I am a stylist I spend my life running in and out of stores. My consignment and thrift stores finds are always special to me. However you can still find me raiding the racks of topshop,h&m, and urban outfitters like any other 20 year old. For quality I go to Barney’s Coop or pay a trip to the 5th ave in NYC ;). A good bag and shoes are key in my opinion.

What was it like having a feature on StyleCaster?

Being recognized by StyleCaster was truly empowering and flattering. The team I met with was so sweet and fun to work with as well. Which made it even more amazing…. I can’t wait to see it run during Art Basel!

 The Gold Teeth God

Get Blessed

     I recently became obsessed with the accessory, which are grills. When I came across The Gold Teeth God my mind was blown! They showed me why I became so into grills in the first place. Gold Teeth Gods provides everything you want and more for a grill. They have diamonds, gold caps, white gold, bars and etc. Everyone needs a little gold in their mouth why not get blessed by The Gold Teeth God?

What made you want to get into the grill business?

Our team has always been into accessorizing. We saw a gap in the marketplace for accessories where the street-wear and urban demographic has become couture. Reinventing something that is classic and placing our GTG label on it with our expertise is what has brought these vintage mouthpieces into the new era. 

What is the meaning behind the name “Gold Teeth God”?

We want to be the only one in the grill-making scene. We want to dominate, so when people get a fresh pair of grills, everyone thinks, well if it isn’t GTG it isn’t worth anything. 

Who are some people you would love to see wearing your grills?

All of our customers are great. We’ve been getting calls from professional athletes to reality stars. It’s all the same for us, as long as we are bringing the product to the people, it makes us happy.

Where do you get your inspiration behind your grills?

We have always been into Jewelry- Gold and Bling. We wanted to give people another opportunity to accessorize. Grills were popular years ago and its been a while since they have been made with precision and class.

How is it seeing celebrities wearing your grills?

It’s impossible to describe. Seeing people that we aspire to be like wearing something that we have worked so hard on is the best feeling in the world.

What was the craziest request you gotten for a grill?

The craziest requests we get is when people ask for us to write things in their grills with diamonds.

What is next for the Gold Teeth God?

Right now, we’re in the midst of collaborating with a few boutiques and setting up pop- up shops in cities where we are in high demand. After that takes place, we want to continue to branch out, and hopefully own our own stores, and have multiple locations throughout the US, making it more accessible for clients outside of LA and Miami. 

Sonyae Elise

         Sonyae Elise is so underrated with her insane vocals and her writing skills. The first time I heard of Sonyae was on the Bravo TV show Platinum Hit and ever since than I have been obsessed with her talents. Sonyae’s writing skills are crazy good her song’s she had wrote such as “Stranger to Love” and “My Religion” have such meaning to them. They are just overall bomb tracks. With her vocals on top of the songs makes you get chills.  I cannot wait to hear her new album S(HE’S) BR(OK)EN! 

Since winning Platinum Hit what have you been up to?

Benn in the cut working on my album S(HE’S) BR(OK)EN and restructuring my team for the roll out.

Have you worked with anyone you have dreamt to work with? 

Malay… one of my fav producers ever! I think he brings out the best in me. Jerry Wonda… Always wanted to work with him. His energy is electrifying and now he’s literally like family. Love him

What is one of your favorite songs you have written? 

My Religion

Are you going to stick to song writing? Or put out more of your original music?

Both. But right now I’m in total artist mode

What is your advice for people trying to get into the song writing business? 

Endurance above all things

Who do you look up to in the music business?

Stevie Wonder, Prince, Jay Z

What can we see to come for Sonyae in the near future? 

The release of S(HE’S) BR(OK)EN . And a serious Artist Collective #movement coming out of NY amongst my friends and I.


    I have been a huge fan of Kay for a while now. Once I heard her first single “My Name is Kay” I knew she was going to have insane music ahead and I could not get the song out of my head. Kay’s dope style makes me want to follow her latest trends. Also her music just makes me want to get up and dance and just have fun! I can not wait for her to drop her new music hopefully its very soon.

How did you get into the music business? 

My mom & pops used to play artists The Beatles and Dolly Parton on their record player and I started playing those songs on our piano by ear. That started when I was about 5 and I’ve never stopped performing since.

What would you call your style of your music?

My music is a blend of everything I love. Dance, hip-hop and pop. I love music that makes you move. Whether is dance or air punch, I just want to feel it and move my body.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

I’ve always loved producers like Timbaland and Pharrell. They take artists under their wings and teach them how to become themselves. That’s a beautiful thing.

What is your favorite song of yours? Why?

Right now I would say “Over” because it describes one of my best and worst idiosyncrasies. My ability to fall in love and my inability to let feelings go when the relationship is over.

How does your personal style come through your music?

I’m way to self-aware but I also don’t give a fuck. It’s a strange place to live. That’s how I look at my personal style, my music and inside my head.

Any new music coming soon?

Yes… non stopp music. My newest video “The Thrill” drops November 5th

Who/What are your inspirations? 

The dream of a life I’ve always had inside my head for myself and the people I love. I know I’m here to make music and make a positive difference and I won’t stop until feel like I’ve achieved that. 

What is next to come for Kay? 

I’m working on NEW music with my musical idols. I have waited for this moment my whole life. Something big is going to pop off from it. I know it.


     I came across Meat clothing when I saw it worn on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. I thought the clothing was very different such as the latex dresses, shirts and pants. Meat clothing put a whole new spin on modern style. This futurist clothing will soon be very known for their unique way of style and will have everyone buzzing! I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the near future for MEAT!

How did Meat clothing come about?

We both really loved latex, but we couldn’t find any designs, which we felt, suited our styles, so Bo started making us outfits to go out in. We quickly realized that others liked what we were doing and there was and still is a definite gap in the market for modern, forward thinking fashion pieces that are made with the luxurious latex.

How would you define the style of Meat?

Futuristic. I think as a brand, people always want to pigeon-hole you as this or that, but we want it to be a platform that so many elements come into: music, video, people, characters, styles. We want to constantly evolve, and although we have key aspirations with each collection, we constantly want to push ourselves.

How is it seeing celebrities wearing your clothing?  

Crazy. But I think we’re also pretty grounded in that it’s been celebrities that we admire as creative/people that like our brand, rather than just sticking it on the churned out pop star of the moment.

Where does the inspiration come from for Meat? 

Life and our experiences and the stories we want to tell.

Do you like to follow the latest trends or create your own?

Ultimately, I think even subconsciously everyone is affected by the trends/styles/fashion around them, but we try to think up new elements and not necessarily stick to the ‘season’s set trends’ which is created by some ‘fashion’ trend expert, we do our own thing.

What is next to come for Meat? 

Lot of new stuff. We’ve just launched Fantasy by Meat on our online shop, which now includes fabric pieces, as well as latex. We have some exciting collaborations happening in the New Year and just constantly pushing our products and ideas.

Emily Meyer


      New up and comer Emily Meyer is an insanely talented artist.  I came across her a few weeks ago and I have been so interested in her and also her art.  I think she has something that other artist don’t have such as spunk! I like the style of art she uses its fun and really current. I like how she draws celebrities because it gives us another view of them than what we see in the tabloids. I can see a bright future for Emily and I can’t wait to see it unfold. 

 How long have you been drawing? 

I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. It was an integral part of my childhood. I have always had a great passion and love for creating art. 

Who/What are some of your inspirations?

I am greatly inspired by pop culture and minimalism. I believe that less is more when it comes to representing something in my work. I think that is why I place such focus on celebrities. They have come to be something like icons or symbols, and in a way, representations of the perplexing concept of fame. Miley is a huge inspiration for me not only because she has the whole world watching her and holding its breathe, but because I have always thought of her as a large icon—especially now. I find a certain fascination in this. I am also inspired by the rich colors and bold designs of traditional and neo-traditional tattoo styles. I am a huge fan of tattoos and think they are fun! I want my art to be fun as well.

How did you feel when Miley noticed your work? 

I completely flipped out when Miley noticed my work! I seriously couldn’t stop screaming. It’s been a little unreal!

I have been a fan of her since the first episode of Hannah Montana. I have absolutely loved growing up with her and changing with her over the years, and I love the woman she has become today. I think she is a good role-model for women, which is something that is very important to me. She is unapologetic for acting exactly how she wants to act, despite the constant ridicule and slut-shaming she endures on a daily basis. Ironically, she has never been more successful, which I find wonderful! 

It has been a long time fantasy of mine to be able to tell her how much I appreciate what she is doing for young women and for pop music, and now I am able to! Her being able to appreciate my art in return is the icing on a very delicious cake!

What is your favorite style of art? 

My favorite style of art would have to be symbolism. I like when abstract ideas form concrete messages. I also adore any type of portraiture!

What is next to come? 

I have recently put some of my Miley Cyrus art online for sale at I want to help promote and get people excited about Miley’s new album and tour. I have also been in contact with Miley about future collaborative projects—but for that you will just have to wait and see! 

Djib Berete

       Djiba Berete a 20-year-old designer put a spin on simple clothing. The kick he adds on the clothing makes me want to the clothes even more.  The clothes have a combination of basic colors with leather, stars and interesting cutouts.  This line to brings out a classy type of street wear.  I can’t wait to see what’s next with Djiba Berete.

What is the meaning behind Djiba Berete?

It is my name, the one and only, “there’s a thousand you’s but there’s only one of me” Djiba Berete.  

How would you describe the style of Djiba Berete?

 I’d say very simple but filled with minor details. 

What inspires your designs?

Anything my eyes come across, I put everything in perspective, I’m extremely observant. 

What makes you unique from other designers?

As difficult as it maybe, I try to be as original as possible, and give people a piece of my deranged mind something they’ve never experienced before.  

What do you hope to achieve in 10 years?

Complete satisfaction. 

Joey Thao

       Joey Thao is one talented man. Joey goes from being a dancer to stylist than to being a fashion editor he could do anything under the sun. He has an eye for styling and as you can see fashion runs in his blood. He is my new obsession in the styling world. I like seeing his point of view on clothing and I enjoy his new and fresh vibe he brings to his passion. If this interview is introducing you to Joey or if you have know his work for a while now you know that he will be well known for his work sooner than you think.

How did you get into styling, being a fashion editor, a dancer and creative director?

I got into styling because I was a professional dancer before and all of my friends would ask me to dress them or borrow my clothing. And from there everything just lined up, I started working with the magazine, celebs, and photographers. I started creative directing artist and brands because I am very visual and like to see the whole picture. It’s always a fun process for me to create something from scratch and revamp it; I love creating and making art,

Out of all the your passions which one is your favorite?

 Fashion is my freedom to express who I am and have a clear voice. In a lot of outlets you have to mold or be what exactly is cool. In fashion I feel it’s so vague and acceptable if you are confident and own it. That’s why fashion is my first passion and dance comes a quick second.

What was one of your most memorable styling experiences? 

One of my most memorable experiences is when I styled an Icelandic girl group The Charlies. We did a crazy two day music video and got no sleep literally. But going through that process made me realize I really wanted to do this and that I enjoying making people feel beautiful & confident.

What is the best part of being an fashion editor? 

The best part of being a fashion editor is being able to create a vivid story and of course pick out all the amazing clothes. I work for a great magazine and they always give me the freedom to play with garments and really trend cast for the future.

If you were to add another thing on your list of jobs/passions what would it be?

I would add Mogul to the list. I really admire people with talent as well as a smart business mind. Some people I love are Rachel Zoe, Oprah, Jay-Z, Ashton Kutcher, and Gwen Stfenani. I really admire how they we’re all talented in their genre but created empires for themselves. I hopefully one day can be a mere image of these individuals.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired mostly by culture and my friends. But the some individuals I am inspired by are Nicola Formechetti, Grace Coddington, Brooke Candy, KTZ, Rihanna, and mostly my mom.

What is one of your favorite trends?

My favorite trend is black on black. You never can go wrong if you pair black with black. It literally goes with everything.

What trend would you like to see disappear? 

I hate those big baggy cotton dresses that are empire waist or look like garbage bags. Those are must get rid of!

Who is your dream client living or dead?

My dream client would be Aaliyah I feel if she were still alive she be the first person I would want to dress. She has everything from sexy, edgy, tomboy swag, to a confident sensual woman all in one.

Whose closet would you like to raid? 

I would die to raid Rihanna’s closet truly, I feel the girl has some of the best “Gold Pieces”

Luxury X Royalty

       Luxury X Royalty is something I would call a Lifestyle brand. With their street style to a runway look LXR is a very classy line. It’s the type of clothes that make you feel really confident while wearing it. With the floral prints to the unique looking sunglasses LXR really has a verity for you to choose from. I can’t wait to see what this brand is going to do in the near future.

What is Luxury X Royalty about? 

         Luxury x Royalty is about just that, luxury and royalty. High Fashion clothing always sell a lifestyle of luxury. Who doesn’t want that life? However street wear and street style fashion some times been looked down on as nothing. Sometimes it can be underestimated, but with my company I wanted to bring a high fashion image to street fashion.

What makes you different from every other clothing line?

       I believe what makes LXR Street wear different from other clothing line is I am not trying to be trendy or design a lot of thing for you to wear for a season and never wear again. I want to design clean, smart, but still dope street wear for men and women. I am a fashion student in college so I also think greatly about price.

What motivated you to start a clothing line? 

         I have always been a creative and business-minded person. I’ve sewn and customize my own clothing all throughout high school and designed accessories but one day I knew I had what it take to take this to another level. But I wouldn’t be this successful without help with “Rich Weirdo Clothing”.

What would you consider the lines style?

         I describe my lines style as New York Inspired fashion but also very UK street wear inspired. I like wearing clothes that are comfy but also allow me to style an outfit how I want.  I try to create clean, simple, dope Street wear.

Are there any other plans for LXR besides clothing? 

         I aspire for my brand to grow and produce more products. I want to develop my brand into more of a lifestyle and be able to provide customers with beautiful photography look books, promo videos, giveaways, and really expand, a place for fashion, music, art, fashion, and poetry


Panarama Clothing 

        Panarama Clothing is inspired street styles line their clothes variety from all black shirts with stars and numbers to grey sweatshirts with their logo on it. Kayne wears Panarama so when he wears your clothing you know you are making it in the fashion world. I can’t wait to see the huge success of Panarama and what’s next to come.

How did Panarama come about?

Panarama was actually a school project, not knowing what we could have been what we should have been. The Panarma Clothing line was started in early 2012 and continues to thrive as an online business.

How would you describe the style of Panarama’s collections? 

Street style

Who are some celebrities that you would want to see wearing your clothes? 

·     Pharrell Williams

·      Pusha T

·      Kendrick Lamar

·      A$AP Rocky

Do you guys like to follow the latest trends or create your own?  

As a designer you have to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, but after all the point is to come up with your own ideas and that’s what we are working on and will be working on.

What are some influences for the line?

We are the influences of the line.

What can we see in the future for Panarama? 

We will make every effort to get our name great especially abroad and in our own country off course. There will be many new things of the clothing line and we will work hard and see where we get.

Harper Smith   

         Harper Smith’s photography is something I call magic! She has the ability to keep every picture interesting even if it was a picture of a rock it would be such a detailed picture. Her pictures can go from simple to colorful this makes your eyes not wonder but stick to the pictures. I am obsessed with her style of photography and I can’t wait to see some new work from her!

 How long have you loved photography?

I have always been a visual person. My mom is an artist (painter and sculptor) and she always seemed to see the beauty in everything….this is how I learned to see the world with a photographer’s eye. I didn’t really take photography seriously until I began shooting people my senior year of high school. I realized then that the human connection, photographing people, is what I was destined to do.

What is the craziest photography job you ever had?

I feel like every job I do is crazy in some way - but one of my favorite crazies was for the Rachel Roy campaign which was shot at night, in a marsh, in the dark, with 8 models….holy shit. I had leaches on my leg, moths the size of birds attacking my face, and embers from the bonfire burning off my eyebrows…despite that it was once of the best nights of my life. Luckily I had the most amazing creative director, Richard Gleason and my fiancé, Cameron Duddy (directing the commercial), by my side. To top off the insanity of that night, we shot off crazy fireworks at 4AM and almost got arrested.

What/Who is your inspiration?

Anything imperfect. The simplicity of the mid-west… the colors of the south, and the heart of the American west. I like to combine natural forms with fashion.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

I was a photojournalism major in college, and I was always inspired by the power and vulnerability Dorthea Lang was able to capture in her photography. Pure emotion… When I started getting into fashion I was able to make the connection with Avedon’s work, which, in a way, showed me that fashion and journalism can co-exist.

If you could shoot anyone who would it be?

 Courtney Love

 Who are some of your favorite people you shot?

I loved working with John Mayer…and I adore shooting Kelley Ash, who has been a longtime friend, and an amazing model. She puts it all out there…which is all I ever want from my subjects.

How would you describe your photography style?

A beautiful disaster. 

Justin Livingston

       Justin Livingston is a fashion blogger; by viewing his blog you witness tons of trends to me he is like your very own personal shopper because he handpicks his favorites items from shoes to jackets. It’s a perfect site to go to if you are drawing a fashion blank. You get total inspiration for your next outfit. I enjoy bloggers who stick to what their original style is and doesn’t change for people and that’s what Justin does sticks to his style.

 What is your favorite part of running a fashion blog? 

Running a fashion blog is a lot like caring for a baby. You have to spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on it for it to properly develop, but when it does - it’s a thing of beauty. I’ve loved getting to meet and interact with readers from all over the globe and establish a community of like-minded users who love fashion.

At what age did you start getting into fashion?

 It wasn’t until I started interning for Teen Vogue in 2005 that I started to foster an interest in fashion. While there, I was able to explore my own sense of style and develop a personalized approach to fashion - which greatly helped the launch of Scout Sixteen years later. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a bit of a minimalist dresser; I don’t like things to be too fussy. I often say my style is “classic with a twist” - meaning simple pieces that are punched up with small embellishments or standout accessories.

Who are some of your fashion idols?

 I really love those who have a fearless sense of style. They may not wear the most avant-garde pieces but you can tell (by the way they carry themselves) that they are so incredibly comfortable in their body.

What made you want to start a blog?

It was a mixture of boredom and my desire to find a community of creative people I could interact with. It started more as a personal journal but eventually grew into something much bigger. I’ve been so thankful for every reader and couldn’t have gotten to this point without them. It’s always felt like a joint project between my readers and myself.

What is an ideal item you think everyone needs in their closets? 

A classic white button-up shirt - you can wear it with anything from chinos to swim shorts and it will still look great! 

What is your obsession at the moment?

T-shirts with a jersey-style hem … It’s just incredibly flattering!  

Jones Crow

        Jones Crow photography is very simple but it’s not the type of simple that you get bored of. It’s the simple that is more than something usual.  Some of his photos are clean and pure but others have a lot of energy, light and brightness.  A huge mod and rad vibe comes off of his photos, which makes them really enjoyable to look at. I believe Jones Crow will be a known name in the photography world for his photography style.

How did you get started in photography?

 I kind of took a back route. I’m completely self taught and never thought that this is what I would be doing for a living. As a kid my mom worked at a law firm and she would bring me to work with her on occasion. I would be bored and look at magazines and stock photography books. I say look, because I never cared to read them. I would just study the pictures and imagine things. I had no idea that maybe I was just training my eye… There’s a long story of how exactly I came to be a photographer, but to make things short, this is how it went down. I taught myself graphic design and would work with various recording artist. I got hired at an indie label as an art director, which allowed me to dabble in other fields of media, like music videos and photography. The label a few years later went belly up and I was forced to evaluate what my true passions were. A month after being laid off, I bought a camera and got to work. All the things I had been doing at the label I knew I could do independently, so I did. 2 years later…. Here I am

How would you describe your photography style? 

 I have no clue. My style is all over the place. I think the most important thing to me when capturing an image is to capture emotion. An image doesn’t matter to me unless it makes me daydream. 

Would it be a dream of yours to go into directing?

Well, I am a director. The dream is just doing bigger and better. 

Who are your influences?

This is tough. I don’t have a favorite photographer but I do admire many. I try to not study other photographers work because I really just want to express whatever I have in me. 

Before going into a shoot do you already have an idea of what you want or do you just go with the flow? 

I usually have a pretty good idea of what I want and or need but it seems like some other magic always happens! That is the best part about it! The unknown, spiritual, creative journey.
I always get a little anxious when working with someone I don’t know, cause you never know what they will be like and how it’s going to turn out. My goal is always to please the client and so far, I haven’t failed. Knock on wood…


      Beardgang is a “Brotherhood” which is stated below. This brand has an urban street style feel to it. The clothing stands out especially the t-shirts they all have a cool vibe with the designs and the sayings. I really like this brand because there is nothing else like it out right now or was ever out. It has a good meaning behind its not just about the beards it’s about the community the brands making. 

How was Beardgang started?

 Beardgang started by me (Adam Goldston) growing my beard out and then some of my friends began to as well and as a result it was like we became “The Beardgang”. I made up a few shirts (20) and they sold out almost instantaneously, and after that happened I knew that I had created something fun and special. 

Why did you decided to go into the urban street style?  
I felt like it was the most natural fit and how I could reach the most people with beards. I created Beardgang to be a cool, but fun brand and I think that streetwear/urban style represents that best.
What is the meaning behind your name Beardgang?
I think the name “Beardgang” speaks for itself. The brand is basically a brotherhood of men with beards and their supporters. I think one of the reasons that Beardgang has become so popular is because you instantly get it. There is no wondering “What does the brand stand for?” When you see the brand and it’s logo or even read “Beardgang”; you understand it.
What is your favorite piece you guys made? 
That’s difficult…obviously my favorite is the Beardgang chain that was made by the jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, but of everything that we’ve actually released…I’d say its a tie between the Beardgang crewneck and the collaboration hat we did with Daily Doses. Both are special to me because I take a ton of pride in the quality of our products and both have a lot of detail involved and are clearly high quality items.
What clothing companies if any do you admire?
The clothing company that I personally admire the most (which is clearly in a different category) is Tom Ford. I love the way he goes about everything, the brand’s immaculate quality, how unforgiving he presents the brand and how he does it his way. He doesn’t design to go with the trends; he creates them and that’s what I think is so great. In terms of streetwear, the brand that I think is great is En Noir. They’re a new brand like us, but they stand for quality as well and are blowing up.
Do you pull any style inspirations from any celebrities? 
Truthfully, no…we don’t pull any inspiration from celebrities. We make products that we are proud of and that we would like to wear. We keep the consumer in mind while designing, but at the end of the day if we aren’t comfortable making or wearing something…we won’t make it.

" Razcal = Life"

    Razcal has a very special knack for music and he also has his own street style clothing line. His inspirational and easygoing attitude really bleeds through his music. His music tells stories through the beats and lyrics, which makes me more engaged with it. I cant wait to see what this multi talented man has in store. Check out his music at

What is the inspiration behind Razcal Life?

The inspiration behind Razcal Life is just enjoyment and appreciation of life and Razcal is basically who I am, I’m Razcal and Life is to show my appreciation of life in general.

How would you describe the style of the collection? 

Well the style is from a brand I own along with my partner named “The Lux Brands” and the style for this basically overcoming competition being the champion in your craft along with fine celebrations, you got to wear this clothing with pride you feel me, it’s GOLDEN 

 Why did you pick the name Razcal Life? 

I picked the name Razcal when I was younger like 10 or probably even younger then that, well basically I was at a family party and their were some kids watching the movie “The Little Rascals” at the same time I was trying to figure out a stage name for myself (I’ve been doing this art for life) as I was watching it, it hit me, I was a rascal so why not make my name Razcal put the “z” in there to spice it up, I went from Lil’ Razcal to Emcee Razcal to Razcal Killa to Razcal Vida, Razcal Life and to just Razcal. The last 3 names are still my relevant names, as for the Life part in my name that came from just came from appreciating life … you know… basically a reminder to take a breath from the fast what a lot of people often forget to do.

How is producing music? 

Producing is fun, what’s better then producing, is making a full track with the RIGHT vocals on it, that makes me happy cause when you see your work truly finished it shows you all your creativity unravel the way you imagined it if not better. Listen to Bobby 2 Flee … ☮ … Music makes me wiser… Art makes me wiser 

How did Razcal Life come about? 

Razcal = Life  

Nikki Williams 

New girl on the scene Nikki brings grunge and dance style of music together. She is an talented songwriter and also singer as you guys already know. I cant wait to see and hear what Nikki is going to pull out of her sleeve. 

How were you discovered?

It’s a long story. Basically I met my manager by chance and stuck with him. He believed in me and here I am doing what I love most :)

What is your top played song on itunes?

Scream - Usher

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?

North African music. It’s amazing

 Who are your inspirations?

My mom,grandma. I’m inspired by anyone that gets back up when they’ve been knocked down no matter what. 

Who was your favorite artist when you were growing up?

Joan Jett

What is the inspiration behind your single Kill, Fuck, Marry? 

A craaaaaaazy relationship I sometimes wish never happened, but it made me so much stronger :)

What music do you love that would surprise people? 

I loooove classical music! 

How would you describe your street style?

If you are referring to the way I dress… I wear converse, combat boots, jeans, jackets. I don’t like dresses. I like to be comfortable :)

When will we see your debut album hit stores? 

It comes out in the Spring :)

Who would be a dream person to work with? 

Trent Reznor

Daniel Palillo 

Daniel Palillo is just down right talented his collections are not normal which makes me enjoy them even more. The prints, patterns and textures are just a way he expresses his geniuses. My favorite part of his collections is how each piece has a different meaning and has a story behind it. I enjoy how you can spend your time looking at each collection and trying to figure out what is trying to be portrayed. I recently came across Daniel’s collections and I am happy I did he showed me how clothing can have its own individuality.

How did fashion play apart in your childhood?

Until age ten dressing up was big part of me. I use to wear leather jacket and stuff. But it ended when I was about ten. I think one of the reasons I went into fashion was from my childhood idol. Mexican football goalkeeper Jorge Campos he was wearing these crazy football shirts which he had designed himself. I remeber that I did some own designs back then. 

Where do you get your inspiration from and how does it affect your collections?

It depends a lot. Currently I been working with a form of a photo diary. I make clothes of the things I experience at the current day.

How would you describe your personal style?

I wear my own clothes. It is really hard to describe it for me. 

How is it like seeing people wear your clothing?

It is always amazing. 

What is one word that describes your collections?


What is your latest obsession in the fashion world?

Harley Davidson motorcycles.  

Melissa Tofton

        Melissa Tofton has a special talent. The way she designs her clothes is nothing like I have seen before she has a authentic mind set. How she can have an all pink fur outfit to an animal inspired piece. Nothings boring with her collections all of her pieces are bright and have a rare vibe to them. You can tell her pieces have an collection with animals which makes her clothing so eye popping. 

Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste? 

As I am a menswear designer I try to be innovative in my approach, as a pose to designing with a bias perspective. 

Whose your most influential fashion designer?

Walter van Bierendonck. It is such a shame that he went bankrupt, but his designs will always bring me endless amounts of joy. He really is the only one of his kind out there. 

Do you come up with concepts for designs first or is it more of an unplanned thing?

It’s definitely more organic with me, although sometimes I might have a social question that I want to answer with my work, but most of the time it’s purpose is to just have fun. 

How would you define your personal street style?

Black and more black 

What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 10 years from now? 

I hope to make people laugh but gain their respect at the same time. I would love for Bjork to own one of my pieces though, that’d be the dream x

Gavin Dias 

      Gavin Dais is such a talented artist. His work is really fun to look at you can tell that he is very creative with what he comes up with. Gavin’s art really has different meaning for every piece thats what I like about it since he lets us think and come up with what the meaning is. Also his art is very current and unique that’s what keeps me so interested in it. 

How was it like working with Toms?

 it was a great opportunity being supported by them, and working with the company helped me develop lots of skills; I’ve done more behind-the-scenes stuff with them but as a graphic designer, so my name won’t be on there.

What is your inspirations for your personal works? 

 I’m inspired by a lot; I couldn’t put them all here or this would be a FAT essay! My sister drew her version of a chef the other day and it was amazing. The usual things I like are fashion and photography and I try to project my way of doing things with a hand-drawn line.

What is the meaning behind your piece called time?

For the ‘Time’ image, it was initially a poster I did for a night in East London, and the original one just had three colours and just had the guy in the glasses. I added a few colours to it and thought I’d just do something with it - its not really ‘meaningful’ in any sense to be blunt, but I just tried to catch a ‘cool’ vibe; girls and fast cars.

What is your favorite thing about being a graphic designer? 

My favourite thing about being a graphic designer is solving problems. I like being able to convince a client that the project or image in question can be done reassuringly. These days I’m an illustrator, as I’ve been employed as a graphic designer for the last four years and I’d like to do what I love most.

Does your art always have a story behind it? 

Not usually, unless its editorial-based (and even then, that isn’t my idea!!).

What can we see in the near future for Gavin Dais? 

You will see a hell of a lot more from me soon, as I’ve put time aside after having a break from illustration for two-and-a-half years, I work alongside my partner-in-crime REEG and we have a collaboration called ‘92. Check out and!

Jade Clark

        I recently came across Jade Clark’s Menswear 2012 collection and I became so fascinated with it. Her clothing is so authentic and so opposite from what is out now which makes you want to own everything she makes. The way she mixes colors and fabrics is so unreal because the outcome is amazing. My favorite thing about her work is if you are wearing something of hers people will look twice at you and that’s what I love about her clothing it makes people think and have a different view about menswear. 

What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? 

I’ve been designing from a young age but I suppose the first proper thing I designed and made was at college and it was a acid washed denim onsie! Pretty bad lookin back on it!

How would you defined your own street style? 

I’d say I’m pretty weird, but lazy so anything goes! 

Do you try to keep with the trends or create your own? 

I suppose everyone subconsciously gets influenced from somewhere but I do try my best to be different! (specially if it’s for a special occasion/night out!)

What is the best perk in being a designer? 

I don’t really buy clothes! 

What makes you stand out from others? 

I guess it’s my use of holographic vinyl/fabrics! I’m not saying it hasn’t been done before, but the overwhelming feedback from people is that they like how ive used it in menswear.

What are your inspirations? 

For this collection mainly chavs/gang crime and hidden identity, with a bit of glitter and silliness thrown in!

What is some of your favorite stores and designers? 

I really respect Martine rose, Astrid Anderson, Bernard Wilhelm and designers like that because they aren’t scared of pushing the gender boundaries. 

Vijat Mohindra 

   Vijat Mohindra is my latest obession in the photography world. Vjait really shows how stunning and amazing photography can be. With each piece he makes tells a story and makes your emotions go wild. The way he shoots is really different from other’s which makes his photography really stand out and catch your eye. 

At what age did you know you wanted to be a photographer?

When I was about 8 years old ,My mom bought me my first camera and was instantly addicted to taking photos. I went through my first 3 rolls of film just taking photos of carpet, I was just so excited that I could take my own pictures. Ever since then I knew I wanted to be a photographer and have never  thought about doing anything else as far as my career was concerned. 

Who was your favorite celebrity to shoot?

I definitely have a few favorites. Although I may be partial, Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus are my all time faves!!! Both of them are so gorgeous and LOVE fashion and photoshoots as much as I do, making our shoots fun, creative an inspiring.

How would you describe your photography?

I guess my photographic style would be sort of pop and mood mixed, I also lean towards clean classic compositions and keep everything fashion first- I love creating photographs that are more visually appealing than conceptually based in most cases. 

What was your first job as a photographer?

When I first started photography I would print my images in the dark room and then get my prints into little galleries all over Chicago where I grew up. After moving to LA and studying photography my first professional commercial job was a denim campaign for brand called Work Custom Jeans

Who are your dream people you would love to shoot?

Kate moss, Naomi Campbell, Donatello Versace, and my absolute favorite Mary Kate Olson

What is your latest obsession?

Latest obsessions are Amanada Lepore and Jocelyn Wildenstein  (cat women)- I really love the idea of plastic surgery as fashion and the whole medical beauty obsession that’s taking over the world… I know it sounds frightning but done right could be so fashion!

How would you describe your clothing style?

So casual- I live in skinny jeans and t-shirts- I need to step it up - image is everything

If you were not a photographer what would you be doing?

I truly don’t think I could do anything else, my whole entire life is about photo shoots and that’s the way I want it to be forever.

How did you get into the world of photography?

my whole life I loved photography, but after graduating from design school, I sort of fell into the world of celebrity styling. That incidentally helped me define a strong fashion aesthetic for my work and helped me make really great contacts. The entire time I was styling I still shot on the side in order to build my portfolio. One day I was asked by Miley Cyrus to photograph her world tour, after that I stopped styling and just concentrated fully on photography.

Who or what influenced you to be a photographer? 

My mom was an amazing artist who worked in many different mediums, one of which was photography. When I was in elementary school I saw a huge black and white project that she had done, and was so inspired to take pictures after that, that I have not stopped yet.

Chloe Richardson 

     The stylist of the stars Chloe Richardson she is working with Jessie J and Taio Cruz to Adele and Korn.She doesn’t just style musicians she works with Magazines such as GQ and Clash also she works with personalities such as Anna Koumikova, Famkee Janson and brands such as Nike, Levi and MTV. Her list keeps going on with such amazing people check out her website her blog is so rad it keeps you up to date with trends and new collections. 

How did you get into the stylist world?

I was at LCF , but my break was when I met a manger of a band in a nightclub . He took a chance on me .

How is it styling known names in the music world?

No different from styling anyone really , I would say easier as you have the much and market you are aiming at so you kind of have a brief which makes it easier .

When you where younger what did you wanna grow up to be?


What is your favorite thing about being a stylist?

Being able to take miles my dog to work with me 

What is your latest obsession?

 Superette pop up

What would you call your own personal style?

Comfortable / black 

Who would you love to be a stylist for?  

Wu tang , I think it’s the only band my husband would be impressed with me styling 

What where your job(s) before you where a stylist?

I was a fit model for 4 weeks , I saw this Gucci coat when I was 17 and I had to have it , so I worked through my holidays to get it then. I loved this coat , but I got got drunk left it in a nightclub !

Where are you from?


What is a hot clothing item or trend you see right now in the fashion world?



  This hardcore rocker chick that has a pure unique voice and a crazy and cool attitude. Who is new on the scene and will be known world wide for her talents. My brother showed me her first youtube video she put up and we have been obsessed with her voice since. Masha is the girl that I think fit’s the word grunge perfectly. 

What was the first song you ever wrote about?

The first song I ever wrote, I was 13. I don’t wuite remember all the lyrics, but It was called Call Me. I think Carly Rae Jepsen stole it and added a maybe to the title.

What is your top song played on ITunes?

Blackbird by the Beatles

First concert you been to?

Alicia keys at MSG

What’s your favorite singing contest T.V. show? 

I actually hate them, but if I had to chose I’d pick the voice

If you could put two artist together that resemble your sound who would they be?

Red hot chili peppers and Sheryl crow

Any hint’s on what your album will be called?


Any artist you would love to do a collaboration with?

Pink. Eminem. Jay z. Weezer.

Who are your favorite musical artists? 

I really have a ton of artists that I adore. Sade, Esthero, Janis Joplin, and Pink are all female vocalists that I look up to.

If you could switch bodies with someone for a day who would it be? 

Probably Barack Obama. Just so I could appreciate the problems that I have. Imagine being the president for a day? Talk about stress.

What is your favorite youtube video?

 I’m not sure I have one. I’ve been watching a lot of Whose Line is it Anyway reruns on youtube lately. 

What is your obsession at the moment?

 I just got a ukelele. Pretty obsessed with that.

How long have you been making music?

 I’ve been singing since I was 11. Started creating probably around I’m 22 now.

Your favorite album of all time?

 Jagged Little Pill, and Abbey Road.

What do you think your album will be released?

 I don’t want to estimate a date, and jinx anything!

What would you call your style, and where do you get your inspiration from?

I love all things grunge, and 90s. I also really dig the Olsen twins. Their style makes me happy.

Giza Lagarce

   I got a chance to interview The cat loving California native Giza Lagrace. This spontaneous model is apart of Nous Model Management and New York Model Management she has such a stellar attitude which made it really fun to interview her. 

Where are you from? 

Los Angeles native!

Favorite decade?

Probably the 80s and 90s!

What’s an ideal item you think everyone needs in their closets?

Combat boots! 

Celebrity crush?

Hmm, probably Pharrel Williams

Your midnight snack? 

Fruits, something and/or peanut butter or whatever sweets are around!

If you were not modeling what would you be doing?

Probably would try to get my foot in the door with journalism 

Vacation spot? 

Winter: anywhere in a cabin so I can play in the snow and ski

Summer: Lake Powell, Utah on a houseboat with my family, that or any lake 

Do you have any favorite collections at New York fashion week?

I tuned in and out but from what i saw I liked some pieces from Rodart, Oscar De La Renta, Richard Chai, Jason Wu and then some lol

Favorite Photographer(S)?

None in particular, I admire the work of many

I heard you recently moved to NYC how are you liking it so far?

It was a rough start but it’s been really improving the longer I am here, especially now that I have a more stable living!

Favorite store?

I’m always all over the place with where my wardrobe comes from-i like to mix and match styles! Thrift stores are always a must!!

What’s your obsession at the moment? 

Fashion wise, preparing for fall so lots of getting layers together and awesome boots! Music wise, I can’t seem to stop listening to Snakadaktal

Favorite candy?

Currently loving the Skor chocolate & hard toffee bars!

Favorite Reality show?

I hate reality tv lol

Type of music?

Depends on my mood and I suck at labeling music with a genre but right now I’m listening to a lot of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Snakadaktal, Capital Cities, Kisses, Blood Orange, and Cassettes Won’t Listen

Your go to food?

Sushi, Pasta, Pizza or Japanese food 

Favorite quote?


"Immerse yourself in every little thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground"

Emily Ruhl
   I got to interview a model to watch Emily Ruhl. She is apart of Marilyn Model Management and she is young and has such a fun vibe which made this interview a pleasure. 

How did you get into modeling?

 I went to see the shows at New York Fashion Week for my 13th birthday, and I was scouted there by my mother agent Chantale Nadeau. It was definitely the best birthday present I have ever gotten!

What’s your favorite movie?

Home Alone 

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Vail, Colorado

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Online shopping

Fashion Designer?


Your go to food?

Hummus and coconut water

Shoe brand?

K. Jacques for sandals and Manolo Blahnik for pumps

Celebrity Crush?

Alex Pettyfer 

Favorite Reality show?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Musical artist?


Favorite Photographer(s)

Patrick Demarchelier and Sebastian Kim

What do you do when your bored?

Play with my puppies

Favorite Restaurant?

Asia de Cuba in LA and Sanctuary T in NYC

Favorite song?

“Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5

Where are you from?

Dallas, Texas

What you be doing if you weren’t modeling?

When I was younger I always wanted to run for president, or be Anna Wintour. Both are surprisingly similar!

Bruna Kazinoti

     Bruna Kazinoti is a Croatia based photographer. Her Photography is really simple but has a lot of edge to it which makes her photography stand out in a crowd. She has worked with many of magazines such as AnOther Magazine, THE ROOM magazine and SLEEK magazine. She also worked with collections and brands such as Levi and Acne. 

How did you get into Photography?
At age of 14 i got Zenit camera from my grandmother. start to shooting around and got into it. 

Favorite food?

Spinach pie.

What is your favorite thing to shoot?


Who’s your favorite photographer(s)? Collier Schorr,Walter , Walter Pfeiffer,Alasdair McLellan,David Sims, Rineke Dijkstra…many more.

Who’s your favorite fashion designer?

 Many…Raf Simons, Martin Margiela….

What would you be doing if you were not a photographer?

I don’t know.anything.

Favorite vacation spot? 

Rocky beach in croatia with no people on.

Favorite musician? 

At moment listening xx. but it changes all the time-

Where are you from?


What is one word that describes your photography? 

Hard for me to say about my work. but I  like simplicity.

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